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A Tour of the Code Console

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A Screenshot of the in-game console. A - Input FIeld B- Output C - Grid / Highlighted Tile

The Parts of the Code Console

The code console is where you can write and execute codePop commands. To access the console press the Enter key or click the Code button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • A - The Input: The input is where you type in your commands. The input field automatically color codes your command to let you know if you are inputting properly. 
  • B - The Output: The ouput shows the results of inputs and other game events. The output is a vertically scrolling log of everything that is happening in the game. Click the white bar at the bottom to expand and contract this window. 
  • C - The Grid: Beta's world exists on a 2D cartesian coordinate system. You will notice that right nex to C is a tile highlighted 10,11. This is the location x:10 y:11 on the grid. These locations can be used to place and reference objects. NOTE: The Y-Axis is flipped. This means that y is positive moving down. This is a result of programmers wanting the origin in the top left hand corner of screens and not wanting to work with negative numbers all the time. 

CodePop Command

A codePop command is a sequence of words, symbols and numbers that allow Beta to manipulate his world. There are hundreds of commands. In order to make these commands more managable we've divided the commands into groups or Packages. Each command has a package name, a command name and arguments. Commands without a pacakge name belong to the default package. The default package is for common commands and doesnt require the player to type the package name.

Example commands:

  • row spring 10 2 20 --->  ( package = default, command = row, arguments = spring 10 2 20  )
  • level create wikiSampleLevel --->  ( package = level, command = create , argument = wikiSampleLevel )

Executing CodePops

To execute a codepop simply type a command into the input (A). As you begin typing you will notice the words and numbers starting to change color. As long as the color isn't RED then you should be on the right track. Each codePop has a specific syntax or order in which the command needs to be written. To find the syntax you can look it up here in the wiki or use the ? command. Once you've typed in the command press the Enter key. This will 'run' the command. You will see the instant result of your command entry in two places: the output window and the game screen. The output window will display a success or failure notice. In case of a failure notice, it will give you a reason. *The ? Command

  • CodePop Library
  • CodePop Errors