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The codePop Library

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Welcome to the codePop Library. Below is a list of all codePop packages and their commands. A package is a group of commands. Below that is a list of all objects.

To learn more about a specific command or object, click on it in the lists below. 

Default Package

The default package of commands contains some of codePop's most useful commands. Here are some that are particularly useful if you are starting out: 

get and getAll
set  and setAll
add addVelocity
blendModes bug
bump bumpAll
clone col
comment delay
get getAll
hush input
launch lockClass
lockCommand morph
morphAll output
propel remove
removeAll row
say server
set setAll
setForce setVelocity
spawn tween
tweenAll undo
unlockClass unlockCommand
version warp

Other Packages

This package contains some neat commands as well. Try typing the following commands and see what happens:

add actor
level create
gravity off
actor callback
camera class
collision counter
event gravity
level music
net sound
tileset timer


Objects can be best described as the physical objects that make up Beta's world. You can combine commands with objects to create amazing game experiences. 

Here are some of the most popular objects, use the [ add ] command to see what they are.

add platform
add ball
add spring
add spike

Here is the full list of objects:

actor ball
crate door
impulse memory
movingPlatform platform
spike spring