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Welcome to the Official Beta wiki!
We are currently maintaining 354 pages (14 articles).
Beta is an indie game developed by Hidden Level Games. Beta is 2D platform virtual world that empowers players to create and share games. In Beta's world, the player becomes creator as you learn to control, manipulate and remix all facets of the game including: gravity, controls, objectives, architecture and more. The only limitation is your imagination.
  • Official site  - Check out the official website for information, a download of the game, and the store. 
  • Youtube  - Our Youtube channel will have tutorials and other fun videos 
  • Facebook  - Our Facebook page contains announcements, pictures, and tutorials. Facebook posts go up daily. 
  • Tumblr  - Our Tumblr blog contains more of the story behind the scenes. You can meet the team here, see how Beta progressed from the beginning, and catch tuts as well. 
  • Twitter and Instagram  - We tweet/instagram out announcements, s/o's, and cool pics. Follow us @BetaTheRobot

Header left.png The Official Guide to codePop

CodePop is the tweet-sized programming language that powers Beta's world. Master this language and gain near limitless control in Beta. 

Header left.png Games

The Betaverse is inspired by player / game designers from all over the world. Here we attempt at cataloguing some of the great creations that changed the course of Beta. 

Header left.png Featured video

Header left.png Featured screenshot

Screenshot of Beta the game with coding console opened.
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